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BIOL 112 Full Course Notes
BIOL 112 Full Course Notes
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Summarize the cell theory and list and evaluate the characteristics that define cells as the sma. Discuss diversity in cell size, structures; cells as organisms versus cells in organisms; unicellular. Discuss the factors contributing to the limitation of cell size (solute concentration, transport, d. List the three domains that comprise the tree of life. Compare and contrast the structural properties of bacterial and eukaryotic cells. Explain the endosymbiotic theory as the origin of eukaryotic cellular life and discuss the eviden. The cell is the simplest entity that exist as an independent unit of life; every living organism is eit ensemble of many cells. Responds to environment, changes mobility when attracted to foreign pressure points. Some cells make up of tissues of multicellular organisms (e. g. human kidney tissue, mouse. Unicellular organisms like e. coli can be used as a model to study multicellular organisms b/ of mobility and response. Carries genetic information (dna), has capacity to reproduce, synthesize proteins.

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