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University of British Columbia
BIOL 112
Karen Smith

Week 2 Pre Class Reading Quiz! Part A - Microbial Grown The process by which two cells arise from one is known as The process by which two cells arise from one is known as mitosis meiosis conjugation binary fission 4. The  time  interval  required  for  the  formation  of  two  cells  from  one  is  called  the             A. Generation time B. Growth  time   C. Growth  rate                              D.  All  of  the  above     Growth is defined as an increase in the number of cells. the size of individual organisms. the number of colonies present in a culture the life span of individual cells.   When  the  population  doubles  during  a  constant  time  interval,  the  growth  is  said  to   be  :  exponential  growth     Which growth phase has the largest increase in cell numbers per unit of time? death phase lag phase stationary phase exponential phase   Part A Polar attractions are ... (a) forces between atoms with partial charges. (b) weaker than covalent bonds. (c) important because they are numerous. (a) and (b) are true. (c) is false. (a), (b), and (c) are correct. Correct Right! Polar attractions occur between atoms with partial charges and are weaker than covalent bonds. Still, they're important because so many of them occur in living cells. Neutral molecules attract one another if they have positive and negative regions. This happens when molecules have polar covalent bonds, giving some atoms partial charges. These molecules are polar, and the forces that pull them together are polar attractions. They resemble ionic bonds but are weaker because the charges are smaller. 1. Do I know any polar molecules? You bet. Water is highly polar, and its polarity leads to hydrogen bonding, which you'll study later. Hydrogen bonding affects everything from the climate to the structure of living matter. 2. How weak are polar attractions? Covalent and ionic bonds are much stronger than polar attractions. Even the strongest polar attractions (hydrogen bonds) are 16 times weaker than such covalent bonds as C-O and H-O. 3. Can such weak bonds be important? Though polar attractions are weak, they are so numerous that they add up to a major structuring force. Living material relies on polar attractions to build cells and control the life process. For example, polar attractions hold DNA molecules together in pairs, and polar attractions hold membranes together. 4. Are there nonpolar attractions too? Yes, nonpolar molecules attract each other very weakly, because neighboring molecules disturb each other's electron movements. These effects are called induced dipoles or London forces. They are much weaker than polar attractions. That's why methane (which is nonpolar) is a gas at room temperature whereas water (which is polar) is a liquid. Part B Hydrogen bonds ... can form between H and N. share electrons between the two bonded atoms. occur within a water molecule. are covalent bonds. All of the above. Correct You bet! They can also form between H and other highly electronegative atoms, such as O, if the atoms have strong partial charges. Which polymers are composed of amino acids? Which polymers are composed of amino acids? Nucleic acids Carbohydrates Proteins Monomers Correct Proteins are composed of amino acids joined together. Which of the following is not attached to the central carbon atom in an amino acid? Which of the following is not attached to the central carbon atom in an amino acid? An amino functional group A side chain ("R group") An ox
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