BIOL 112 Study Guide - Hydrophile, Fluid Mosaic Model, Ribonucleotide

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10 Jul 2014
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BIOL 112 Full Course Notes
BIOL 112 Full Course Notes
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Cells and organisms: summarize the cell theory and how that applies to where cells come from. The cell is the structural and functional unit of all living things. All individuals in a population of single-celled organisms are related by common ancestry. In multicellular individuals, all of the cells present are descended from preexisting cells, tracing back to a fertilized egg. Fertilized egg = created by the fusion of sperm and egg; Cells that formed in individuals of the previous generation. All cells are based on the same chemistry. Eukaryotic cells prokaryotic cells none membrane bound nucleus. Nucleus also includes a region called nucleolus where rna molecules found in ribosomes are manufactured. Cytosol (fluid portion of cytoplasm cell membrane= phospholipid bilayer cytoplasm. High solute concentration, so in most habitats it is hypertonic relative to surrounding environment stiff cell wall. B/c water enters cell by osmosis b/c of hypertonic relationship, cells volume will expand.

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