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Week1Eukaryotic internal membranebound organellesProkaryotic BacteriaArchaea nucleoid not surrounded by a separate membrane with a few exceptionsColonial separate them if die not colonial but muticellular eg jellyfish coral algaeMulticellular in a single multicellular organism there are multiple types of cells that can be very different which are organized into groupstissues that carry out different functionsMajor bioelements99dry weight C H O N P S Minor bioelements Zn Cu Ca Mg Fe4 Molecules predominantly in dry cell PROTEINS polysaccharides nucleic acidsDNA RNA and lipidsGenerally the VOLUMN of eukaryotic is 1000 times than prokaryoticBacteria largest degree of nutritional diversity eg lightArchaea less nutritional diverse inhabited in extreme environmentsEukarya least amount of nutritional diversity Enormous morphological diversity99 microorganisms are unknownThe cell is reproduced by binary fission Two cell same in size as the parental cell Population increased not sizeBacterial Cell Population Growth 1 in a fixed volume of growth media in a containerflask a Lag phase adapting b Exponential phase c Stationary phase d Death phase 2 in nature Cells grow quickly are reach a bigger size than cells growing slowlymore ribosomesAll animals are Mesophiles2040 celsiusWhat cause temperature limits on growth for organisms 1 loss of ability of folding proteins ATP formation blocked by high permeability of cell membrane 2 critical enzymes cease to functionLaboratory culture of eukaryotic cells 1Algal fungalprotoal cells like bacterial cell 2Plant cells are separated from cell walls by emzyme cellulose into protoplasts which are breed in agar and form a a cell mass callus 3Animal cellstissue is moved from embryo and treated with proteolytic enzyme most cell grow on solid surface stop growing until contact together called contact inhibitionusually stop division 50100 times Some are mutated for laboratory useWeek2Electronegativity FOClNS
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