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University of British Columbia
BIOL 112
Jared Taylor

N t N 0 = N 20 t/g= N02 ; Covalent t = growth time Ionic Hypertonic relative to inside cell: n = # times ppn doubles Ion-Permanent Dipole More solute outside; H2O leaves cell g = doubling time Permanent-Permanent k = 1/g = #gen/unit time Permanent – Induced Hypertonic relative to inside cell: Induced - Induced Less solute outside; H O enter cell 2 Permeability: Easy: Very small neutral (H O, CO , O ) Electronegativity: 2 2 2 O > N > S = C ~ H = P Med: Uncharged medium (sugars) Hard: Charged ions (Na , NH 4 Competitive Inhibition: compete for active site Medium charged (amino acids, nucleotides) Large any kind (proteins, DNA, polysaccharides) Allosteric inhibition: molecule attach somewhere else, changes active site Exergonic: general release of energy Euk Bac Arch (think exothermic – spontaneous) Chrom >1 1, some 1 # Except. Saturated Unsaturated Chrom Linear Circular, Circular C-C C=C Top Some Therm High Low Except. (warm) Meiosis Yes No No Psychro Low High (cold) Eukaryote transcription: DNA(full)  [transcription]  mRNA (full), add 5’cap  [splice w/snRPS] spliced transcript  enzyme adds poly-A tail, mature RNA done. Eukaryotic RNAPolymerases: Peptide: RNAP I  genes for large RNA molecules in ribosomes RNAP II  protein-coding genes RNAP III genes for t-RNA & small RNA molecules in ribosomes RNAP II & III  RNA molecules rfound in snRNPs Porins = non-polar Aquaporins = hydrophilic (polar) Repressor binds  operator RNAP/Sigma bind  promoter
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