BIOL 121 Study Guide - Final Guide: Allele Frequency, Concept Map

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6 Apr 2012
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Finale: ecology, genetics and evolution putting it all together
- Content and Concepts:
Review lecture notes
Fill in gaps in text
Look at outcomes for course and for each lecture (that are what exam
questions will be based on)
- Connections
60% of common stuff
40% of material ONLY from our section
Accumulative exam
What is the role of:
The environment
The genetic make-up of individuals and populations
The biotic interactions within populations and between species
Factors influencing distribution and abundance:
phenotype -
Interactions ,
inter/intra environemnt
Do you know?
Look at lecture outline for more questions
What determines phenotypes?
How are genetic traits inherited?
Evidence for evolution?
Does evolution proceed in a linear step wise fashion from simple to complex?
What is the role of genetic make-up of organisms and populations in this process?
What is the role of the environment in this process?
How does speciation occur?
What is the role of the genetic make-up of individuals and populations in this process?
Office hours posted on VISTA
Practice Final on VISTA
Final Exam
Date: April 20th, 12pm, SRC C
Bring: one page of notes, hand written summar on one side of the paper AND
concept map on other side, some picture ID and a calculator
You MUST write in INK
The exam will be based approximately 44% on material since the last mid-
term and 56% on material from the beginning of the term