BIOL 121 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Homologous Chromosome, Ploidy, Metaphase

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12 Feb 2016
1. You have been given chromosomes for an organism, 2n = 4 and 2c = 20 pg
DNA/cell. If chromosomes at G1 of Interphase were condensed, what would the
chromosomes look like?
2. a. Draw what your chromosomes as they would appear in metaphase I:
b. How many alternate arrangements are there?
c. How is this arrangement different from the arrangement of chromosomes at
metaphase of mitosis?
e. Why is it important that homologous chromosomes pair?
f. What is the ploidy and the amount of DNA/cell at this stage?
g. What is the ploidy and amount of DNA of each cell?
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