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Practice Final Exam These are questions from Trevor Charles past exams. Variants of these exact questions will most likely remain on his future exams. Use this to prepare for what material to know and HOW to approach his questions, as they can be tricky.

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BIOL 140
Trevor Charles

The following questions were made based on material from past exams No answers are provided as this study tool is meant to act as a practice exam1 A microbial culture wherein growth medium flows through at a constant rate and the cells remain in exponential phase is a a chemostate cultureb an enrichment culture c a batch culture d a turbidostat culture e none of the above2 DNA absorbs ultraviolet light maximally at a wavelength of a 260 m b 260 nm c 280 m d 280 nm 3 600 nm3 F plasmid transfer is an example of a conjugationb mutation c homologous recombination d transformation e antibiotic resistance4 The decimal reduction time is the time required a to kill a microbial population at a given temperature b to decrease the microbial population by 10 at a given temperature c to decrease the microbial population by 90 at a given temperature d to decrease the microbial population by 1 log at a given temperature e c and d 5 The lowest concentration of an antimicrobial agent that is effective in preventing growth of a given bacterium is a the D value10b the minimal bactericidal concentration c the acceptable use dilution d the minimum inhibitory concentration e the phenol coefficient6 Autoclaving a is effective in inactivating spores because spores are sensitive to high pressures b is a process commonly used in pasteurization of milk c achieves a pressure of 121 poundssquare inch d is not as effective for sterilization as dry heate none of the above are true7 For a given organism the relationship between time of heating and extent of killing is a dependent on the initial cell concentration
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