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BIOL 200
Ninan Abraham

Question 1. List the following items in order of size from the smallest to largest: •  A. Nucleosome smallest__C_____ •  B. Mitochondrion __A_____ •  C. Diameter of a DNA molecule Largest__B_____ Question 3. Fill in the blanks: •  Disulfide bonds can form between two cysteine side chains in proteins. •  The 5’end of RNA is capped by the addition of 7-methylguanosine . •  Nucleotides are joined together by phosphodiester linkage between 5’and 3’ carbon atoms to form nucleic acids. Question 4. Short answers. A. Cholesterol comprises up to 50% of membrane lipids in many animal cells. Explain in no more than two sentences why it is not possible to form lipid bilayers with cholesterol alone. •  Membranes are stabilized by phospholipids which are strongly amphipathic, that is with very strong hydrophilic (charged, both (+) and (-) as well as with polar groups) and very strong hydrophobic hydrocarbon chains of 12-22 carbons in length. Cholesterol is not sufficiently amphipathic to form a stable bimolecular leaflet in which the only hydrophilic group is the hydroxyl, with is only weakly polar. The rest of the molecule is completely hydrophobic. Question 4.
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