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BIOL 204
Wolfram Tetzlaff

Unit 1 - Vertebrate Development - Review Comparison of Frog and Bird Embryology Frogs Bird Cleavage Fertilized egg (zygote) rapidly divides to Zygote rapidly divides, but cleavage is limited form a morula (solid ball of cells). to a disk due to the large yolk. Blastula Formation Cells form a blastula, with the hollow space Hypoblast forms on top of the yolk, with the inside called the blastocoel. epiblast on top. Space between hypoblast and epiblast is the blastocoel. Gastrulation Cells from outer surface migrate through Cells from the outer surface migrate through the blastopore, forming the three the primitive streak, forming the three embryonic layers. embryonic layers. Hensen’s node then moves posteriorly to close the primitive streak. Neurulation Mesoderm further differentiates and the neural tube and notochord appear. Coelom formed from hypomere mesoderm; dorsal and ventral mesentery formed.  All vertebrates: Coelom divided by transverse septum into pericardial and pleuroperitoneal cavity.  Mammals: Coelomic fold furthe
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