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University of British Columbia
BIOL 230
Roy Turkington

Bio 230 Video Summary (Fool-Me-Once) Temperatures are Below Projections In the video the speaker talks about how an important aspect in climate change science is predicting future projections and how they match up with current global temperature observations. He shows an example using Lord Monkton’s graphs—that were shown in Congress—and how Lord Monkton claims that current global temperatures are actually below the warming rate than what the IPPC has predicted. His first graph shows that for the past seven years global cooling of 3.5 degrees has been occurring and that the IPPC predictions are very off. The speaker says that seven years is not enough time to make these types of claims (not even 15 years is enough). Even Lord Monkton abandoned this claim and in his new graph it shows that there has hardly been any global warming since the turn of the millennia. Lord Monkton said that the global temperatures have been rising at half the rate that the IPPC has estimated it to be. However, the speaker illustrates how Lord Monkton’s graphs show two very different IPPC predictions and his IPPC predictions do not fall under the range (especially the lower ranges) that the IPPC predicted. Thus, Lord Monkton’s claim that the IPPC’s predictions are higher than they actually are is false since he did not use the full range that the IPPC predicted. Artic sea ice is just fine/rebounding The speaker talks about one important indicator of global warming-- the arctic sea ice—which has an important part in climate. Such that the more ice there is the more energy gets rebounded into space; thus, as ice melts the arctic is less reflective and the earth absorbs more energy causing further heating. The arctic is also important because it supports is a habitat for many organisms such as polar bears. However, there have been claims that the arctic sea ice is not declining. For example, Lord Monkton claims that artic sea ice is doing just fine and that it is actually rebounding. In the movie “Not Evil Just Wrong” Patrick Moore says that the sea ice is not melting but has actually in 2008 it was larger and that in 2009 it is predicted to be even larger (Lord Monkton also said this). However, these are just 3 data points on rebounding sea ice doesn’t mean that muc
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