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Biol 230 Notes on pre--reading tests.

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BIOL 230
Debra Pentecost

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Week 12 Prereading E Species InteractionsCommunities can be characterized by complex networks of direct and indirect interactions that vary in strength and directionDirect interactions occur between two species and include tropic and non tropic interactions Indirect interactions when the relationship between two species is mediated by a third or more speciesIndirect species interactions can have large effectsoTrophic cascade when the rate of consumption at one tropic level results in a change in species abundance or composition at lower tropic levelsoTrophic facilitation when a consumer is indirectly facilitated by a positive interaction between its prey and another speciesoCompetitive networks competitive interactions among multiple species in which every species negatively interactions with every other speciesSpecies interactions vary greatly in strength and directionoInteraction strength the eff
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