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University of British Columbia
BIOL 325

ScalingBalanced Energy EquationCan address issue by asking what are the minimum and maximum power outputs for organismsoMinimum powerresting metabolismoResting metabolismpower expenditure at rest in neutral temperature conditions not digestingoMaximum powersome multiple of resting metabolismoAvailable power to do mechanical workmetabolic scope max output min outputoBiology spans an enormous size rang and so the question is necessary a matter of how metabolism changesscales with body mass Body mass and power are physical parametersScaling physical parameters as a function of body mass power as a function of body massIf we treat these animals as cubes then volume is just the length cubedSize plays an extraordinary important role in the way organisms functionoFor 100kgInjury is possible from a fall equal to just the animals height An elephant can get injured from a trip and fallo100 grams100kgFalling might cause injury but must be greater than the height of the animalCats and dogs are quite athletic o100mg100 gramsNo height is really too higho100mgHeight is no issueDo animals of differing sizes move in the same wayoIE Elephant vs CatElephant is large and slow animal Isometric geometric Scaling
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