BIOL 336 Study Guide - Final Guide: Phenotypic Plasticity, Sexy Son Hypothesis, Species Complex

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14 Jul 2014

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A trait controlled by genes at one locus w. phenotypes is distinct classes. a trait that shows a continuous spectrum of phenotypes. Typically affected by alleles at many locus or affected by the environment(phenotypic plasticity) 2. differential reproductive success as a result of variation in the ability to acquire mates or produce offspring. Body size, coloration, presence or absence of structures, used in displays or to contest other males). A very good indicator that sexual selection is occurring. Differential survival or reproduction not associated with differences in mate acquisition. Example sexual selection selects positively for deer with large antlers while ecological selection selects for deers that can run faster, with large antlers impeding this greatly. Intrasexual selection male-male competition(goats headbutting each other) Endurance rivalry reproductive success of a male directly correlated with how long he spends copppulating(having sex) or waiting at the mating site.

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