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Chem 121 - Lab 3 Sample Quiz Student Answers

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CHEM 121
Steven Barnes

1 A technique that could be used to determine the number of dyes present in a beverage is to separate it using column chromatography for the purposes of our experiment qualitative Another technique would be to use paper chromatography analytical Another technique thin paper chromatography can also be used 2 Yes it is possible to separate individual dyes by column chromatography If there is more than one dye present the dyes will travel through the silica at different speeds The one that travels through the fastest will be strongly attracted to the water The ones that travel more slowly will be more attracted to the particles in the column These different rates that the individual dyes travel will allow for them to be drawn out of the column at different times making analysis of the separate dyes easier3 No dyes cannot be isolated quantitatively by column chromatography Column chromatography is a qualitative scientific process that separates the dyes physically not numerically by moles or concentration 4 The technique of colorometry quantitative and qualititave can determine the amount of each dye present in a beverage Simply fill the vial toof its height with dye and water to ensure that the color doesnt trave
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