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CHEM 123 Final: exp10.pdf

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CHEM 123
Tamara Kunz

Experiment 10B Caffeine in Soft Drinks Abstract Caffeine was measured using 5 0 mL of concentrated cola drinks. The caffeine was extracted using methylene chloride in a separatory funnel. Crude and pure caffeine amounts were determined by checking melting point ranges. Introduction & Bibliography The melting point of caffeine is 237º C. The boiling point of methyl chloride is 40º C. The methylene chloride is used to separate the inorganic products from t he organic products, then to remove residual water by filtering and finally having the m ethylene chloride evaporated to have the final product: crude caffeine. Some alternative techniques for extracting caffeine from food products include supercritical ext raction ……… Experimental Procedure 1) Take 50mL of Pepsi sample and add 10 -15 mL of ammonium hydroxide and extract with methylene chloride and extract twice. 2) Weigh an empty beaker and place under a funnel. Fitrate through a methylene chloride paper barrier to remove any residual water from the caffeine extraction 3) In a fume hood place the beaker with the extract onto hot plate and heat to 40º C. After heating and removing the methylene chloride the crude caffeine will be leftover. Then cool to room temperature and weigh the beaker. 4) Scrape the crude caffeine from the be aker into a watchglass and take a capillary tube and dip the open end into the crude caffeine and afterward invert the tube. 5) Take your capillary tube and place into a
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