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University of British Columbia
CHEM 123

Christina TrompL02Experiment 12BpH in BloodIntroductionThe purpose of this experiment was to simulate the response of the buffer found in human blood This scenario was created by using a buffer solution 90mL of 050 M HPO and 29mL of 10M 24NaOHA comprehension of buffers is essential for any scientist planning to work in medicine as buffers function to ensure that the pH level in our blood does not stray from the acceptable range for successful body functioningIf the pH of a patient rises above 745 this condition is known as acidosis and must be treated by a restoration solution or this condition may lead to death Acidosis was modeled in this lab strong acid was added and lowered the pH of the buffer to 70 which engaged a state of acidosis which was tracked through titration of the buffer solution to calculate the necessary amount of restoration solution to administer to save the imaginary patientIt was found experimental
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