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Lab Report Recrystallization October 2 2011.docx

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University of British Columbia
CHEM 203

Recrystallization of Impure Benzoic Acid September 30October 3 2011 PURPOSE The method of recrystallization was performed on impure benzoic acid as a purification technique to obtain benzoic acid with the least amount of impuritiesPROCEDURES Refer to p 3132 of the CHEM 23202420 of the Laboratory Manual Fall 2011 Edition for the procedures of this experimentThe semimicroscale apparatus was used to perform the experiment Instead of using the dropper as an indicator to the volume of hot solvent used an approximate value of solvent volume introduced into the Erlenmeyer flask was madeA vacuum filtration with a Hirsch funnel was performed in lieu of a hot filtration with a stemless funnel to remove the charcoal introduced with the solvent and solution HAZARDS TABLE OF REAGENTS Table 1Table of Reagents used for the recrystallization apparatus setup Chemical MolecularPhysical Mol mpbp Density Solubility Hazards Name Structural AppearanceWt g gmL C Formula 20Benzoic CHCOOH White 12212 12235 1321 Sl HO vs Causes 6521 2Acid needlelikeEtOH eth irritation of 20 crystals 2492 ace s ace the eye skin faint bz chl respiratory pleasant tract odormoderately flammable320Water Colorless 1802 bp 100 09984 Not NonHO 2Odorless applicable corrosive liquid nonirritantfor skin 20CharcoalBlack in 09984 Good Causes Amorphous 4 Activatedcolor adsorption irritation of form of 5 powderlike for nonthe eye skin carbon polar poor respiratory for polar tract molecules Flammable combustibleCheryl Lee 100191898 Lab partner for SEP 30 2011Ridhim Vashisht
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