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Fractional Distillation September 23 2011 PURPOSE Distillation of two different methodssimple distillation and fractional distillationwas used as a separation process to purify a MeOHHO mixture of unknown concentration By use of 2our understanding of refractive index in relation to MeOH concentration as well as that of a refractive indexMeOH concentration standard curve the two methods of distillation were compared to determine which of the two was a more effective separation method for the MeOHHO mixture solution used in this experiment2PROCEDURES Refer to p 2728 of the CHEM 23202420 of the Laboratory Manual Fall 2011 Edition for the procedures of this experimentA magnetic stirrer was used in lieu of a boiling stoneFor fractional distillation the volume of distillate collected in each fraction was used in lieu of the boiling range of the distillate as a factor to cue the point in time when the distillate was to be collected in a new tube and be recorded as the next fractionThe method of simple distillation was carried out by Usman Shaukat and Ridhim Vashisht Data from their experiment was used for report and analysis HAZARDS TABLE OF REAGENTS Table 1Table of Reagents used for Distillation Experiment Chemical MolecularBoiling SolubilityHazards Name Structural Point C Density Formula 1Methanol CHOH 646 Miscible in Irritant flammable liquid and vapor harmful 3HOsignificant disturbance in vision if inhaled or 2 07915 absorbed through the skin 10gmL2Water HO 100 Not Nonhazardous nonirritant 2applicableMeOH09657HO gmL 2Sample MixtureCheryl Lee 100191898 Lab PartnerThomas Kwok Other Data SourceUsman Shaukat and Ridhim Vashisht 1
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