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THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIAFINAL EXAMINATION APRIL 2003CHEMISTRY 205Physical Chemistry GIVEN NAMESSURNAME PRINT CAPITALSSTUDENT NUMBERSIGNATUREPLEASE CIRCLE YOUR SECTIONLecturerDr Juergen Kastsec203MWF 3PMDr David Chen sec 210 MWF 10AMDr David Chen sec 208 MWF 8AMDr Elliott Burnellsec 288T TH8AMDr Urmila DeoJangrasec 222T TH2PMTHIS EXAMINATION CONSISTS OF 12 NUMBERED PAGES PLEASE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE A COMPLETE EXAMINATION PAPERPAGES 11 AND 12 ARE INFORMATION PAGES AND MAY BE SEPARATED FROM THE REST OF THE EXAM Attempt ALL NINE 9 questionsAll work must be shown in this booket Time25 HoursRULES GOVERNING EXAMINATIONSQuestionMaximumMark1161EACH CANDIDATE SHOULD BE PREPARED TO PRODUCE UPON REQUEST HISHER 211LIBRARYAMS CARD372READ AND OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING RULES410No candidate shall be permitted to enter the 115examination room after the expiration of onehalf hour or to leave during the first halfhour of the 67examination7 9Candidates are not permitted to ask questions of the invigilators except in cases of supposed errors or 89ambiguities in examination questions910CAUTIONCandidates guilty of any of the following or similar dishonest practices shall be EXAM90immediately dismissed from the examination and shall be liable to disciplinary actionaMaking use of any books papers or memoranda other than those authorized by the examinersbSpeaking or communicating with other candidatescPurposely exposing written papers to the view of other candidates The plea of accident or forgetfulness shall not be receivedTHE USE OF PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS IS NOT PERMITTED 11In each part of this question circle the numbers corresponding to all statements that correctly complete the sentence Note there may be more than one correct statement in each partMarks will be deducted for incorrect choicesAThe kinetic order of an elementary step in a reaction mechanism is1always determined by the stoichiometry of the step2not necessarily related to the stoichiometry of the step3always determined by the molecularity of the step4not necessarily an integer number5always the same as the overall order of the reactionBA catalyst can alter the1rate of a reaction2activation energy of the reaction3equilibrium position of the reaction4halflife of the reaction5rate constant of the reactionCDuring the isothermal compression of an Ideal Gas using a constant external pressure1DE02 DH03 w 04 q05 a reversible process takes placeDThe statement the change in enthalpy of the system is the heat gained or lost at constant pressure is1 always true if only PV work2 true only at constant T3 true only at constant TP4 true only for an irreversible process5 true only for reversible processesE For the reversible vaporization of a liquid at its normal boiling point1 DHqp 2 DG0 3 DSnClnTTp21 4 DE0 5 DHTDSF The equation DSDS0 for a process is syssurr 1 always true 2 true only at constant T 3 true only at constant TP 4 true only for an ideal gas 5 true only for reversible processesG The osmotic pressure P for a solvent is1 a colligative property2 an enthalpic effect3 driven by the solvent attempting to equalize its free energy on both sides of a semipermeable membrane 4 dependent upon the presence of a membrane permeable to all solute and solvent 5 approximately equal to the quantity cRT for a dilute solution2
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