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University of British Columbia
Classical Studies
CLST 105
Ronald Kroeker

Apollo Attribute = bow and lyre Predicts future, prohphecy in poem or riddle Mysterious Music and poetry Ideal beauty and culture Cast plauges and heals killed many greeks in war of illiad Shrines Delos Leto wanted to give birth to her twins No land would house her due to hera Promised that there will be a great temple Delean Apollo temple Delphi Pythian Apollo He was brught to a hyper-borean land and was to choose place to shrine when he got back to greek Slayed a dragon in the Delphi Knew it was the centre of the world due to oramus Priestess named pythia was the host of Apollo, predicted future due to sniffinf the rocks Delphinus Apollo He need attendents turned into dolphin Hoped on ship Made them his attendednts and beached the ship on Delphi Worshiped by sailors Had to do with greeks expansion and Mediterranean Oracle 1. classy expensive cake 2. sacrifice some animal cattle, etc 3. sacrafise goes to priestand priestess pythia 4. priest would write down what pythia said on tripod Ambiguity gives riddle to people croseus seeks to prevent kingdom from being taken riddle said something of mule he attackas Persia, mixed blood, cyrus becomes a great prisoner when he attacked cyrus Socrates – his friend cyrophons asks who the wisest man in Athens is and Apollo told him that it was Socrates, because he knew that people k
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