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University of British Columbia
Classical Studies
CLST 105
Siobhan Mc Elduff

Zeus/Jupiter - Cult Site: Olympia - Epithets: o Zeus Xenios – protector of strangers o Zeus Uranios – heavenly Zeus - Attributed to thunder and lightning Zeus and Hera - Children: Ares, Hephaestus, Hebe, Eileithyia - Eileithyia – Goddess of Childbirth Zeus and Metis - Children: Athena - Zeus ate Metis because he thought Athena would become stronger Zeus and Mnemosyne - Children: Muses Zeus and Io - Io is a Priestess of Hera - Zeus comes to her in the form of a cloud - Hera turns Io into a cow Zeus and Europa - Europa is a beautiful princess - While gathering flowers, she came upon a white bull - The white bull is Zeus and abducts her and brings her to Crete Zeus and Danae - Danae’s dad locked her away in room - Zeus impregnates her as a shower of gold - Danae gives birth to Perseus Zeus and Leda - Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan - Leda gave birth to two eggs, one is Helen of Troy Zeus and Ganymede - Ganymede is a Trojan prince - Zeus abducts him in shape of an eagle Zeus and Plataea - Zeus and Hera have a huge fight - Hera leaves Zeus - Zeus says he’s going to marry a girl called Plataea - Plataea is a mannequin dressed up - Hera destroys it and they have a good laugh and get back Hera/Juno - Sister of Zeus - Protecting god of a city - Symbol: Peacock - Epithets: o Hera Boopis: Hera the Oxide because of her big eyes o Hera Parthenos: Hera the Virgin, often bathes to renew virginity o Zeus Heraios: Hera’s Zeus Demeter - Sister of Zeus - Mother/Fertility Goddess - Mother of Persephone o Hades abducts Persephone and Demeter leaves Olympus and wanders in Eleusis - Thesmophoria Ritual: o 3 Day Festival ONLY for women o Day 1: All women gather food items, piglet to kill and throw in a pit o Day 2: Sit around and be sad, fasting o Day 3: Have a giant feast Artemis/Diana - Epithets: o Artemis Potnia Theron – protector of animals o Artemis Agrotera – huntress, boys worship - Associated with death of children and animals - Obsessed with chastity, virgin/fertility goddess - Born in Delos, same as Apollo - Cult site: Brauron, Diana of Ephesus: one of seven wonders - Helped her mother Leto give birth to Apollo, hence called Goddess of Childbirth o Jealous Hera did not allow Leto to give birth anywhere the sun shines, but Delos - Usually depicted with a bow and a short tunic Myths o Sacrifice of Iphigenia  Agamennon killed a hare in Artemis’ temple, Artemis was angry and stopped Agammenon’s ships from sailing, Agamennon had to sacrifice his daughter to calm Artemis down o Orion  Son of Poseidon, a giant who walked on water  Hunted with Artemis and they got along  Apollo was jealous so he killed him  Orion dies and becomes a constellation o Niobe  Queen of Thebes, boasted to Leto that she had 14 children  Artemis and Apollo killed all 14 of her children o Acteon  Young man who waited to see Artemis and her nymphs bathe  Artemis turns him into a deer and he is ripped apart by dogs o Hippolytus  Young man who worships Artemis, vows to be a virgin but hates Aphrodite
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