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CLST 232WINTER 2012CLST232KingsoRomulusSet up most of the institutions for domestic lifeFounded Rome brought women to the campoNumaReligionThat is he organized Roman religion into a cohesive formatoTullius Hostilius HostileExpansionThis is Rome looking slightly outside to herself To what extent this happened however it is not really knownoAncusContinued the work of TulliusoServius TulliusReorganized the citizen bodyoTwo Tarquins on either side of ServiusJust terrible people in general Tarquin Superbus the last one is eventually thrown out of Rome for being a dickRape of LucretiaoThe son of Tarquinius Superbus decides he wants LucretiaThe sonn was worse than Tarquin this exemplifies the fear of hereditary monarchy for it shows ambition egocentrism and uncaring for the rest of peopleBecause of his position the son thinks he is allowed to take Lucretia regardless of her wishes This she is rapedBecause of this Lucretia who was a virtuous woman who felt tainted she commits suicideIn response the people of Rome throw the monarchy out the Roman Republic is foundedthus oIt is important to note that we have archaeological evidence for certain changes occurring in the land of the areaoAround the time that Rome became a Republic we begin to see evidence of writingThe writing was a protoLatin A slab is found dated from around 500 BCEWhat we knowoHighly stratifiedGensThe collection of a familial lineThe Julii Brutii Scipii for exampleFamiliaeThe family itselfPaterfamiliasThe head of a familyoMilitary and political organizationTribesWhich consist of 30 Curiae eachCLST 232WINTER 2012Which consist of 30 Gens eachoRex and Rex SacrorumAlthough the kings were thrown out there was still a position related to kingship the king sacrorum was an official who would step in when necessaryThis official is also some sort of religious figureheadPolitical OrganizationoImperiumPolitical authority power You must have imperium to lead an armyImperium to govern a provinceLater on people who have imperium and who are great are thought of as ImperatorThus Imperator Augustus Imperium is not something you are but rather something you achieveoPomeriumThe sacred boundary of the city This is the line that supposedly Remus jumped over to enter into Romulus territoryEventually a wall was set up along this lineJust outside we have the Campus Martius where the military would set outIf you had imperium you were not supposed to enter the cityThe King the office before the RepublicoNot hereditaryNo sons followed their fathers to the throne Rather they had to be voted in because of their military prowess by the curiaeoThe king was a military leaderCitizenshipoCitizenship was a building block of the empireoDuties and rewardsFight for the stateGet stuff booty land etcRight to vote Protection from arbitrary act by officialsWith experience for example could ask not to be sent to Frankia Spain and Britain because those areas suckedMen were able to fight and vote while women couldnt However women were also citizensA citizen also has protection against arbitrary acts by officialsoHowever not all citizens are equalPeople from particular gens have more access to stuff Everyone is equal but some are more equal than othersLifeoLife expectancy at birth 22530 yearsHalf the children die at childhoodCLST 232WINTER 2012People usually lived to 40 or 50Of course different classes have different life expectanciesoAge of marriageFor girls 12For boys 14oPaterfamiliasRoman ReligionoPolytheismoAnthropomorphicoFamily of godsoRoman gods adopt Greek mythologyImmortal but not eternalNot omnipresentNot omnipotentNot omniscientoNo division of Church and StatePriests are not men of the churchMany of them were also magistrates and held political authorityThus religion was part of politicsoNo sense of doctrineAlthough there are sacred texts they do not apply for everythingoChoice of gods to worshipIf you love every god too much youre a superstitious fooloPublic vs PrivateoInvitation into certain cults mystery cultsoBad religionsuperstitiooJust because you chose to worship one god does not mean you neglect the worship of othersoEvery action event object had its numen poweroDo ut des I give so that you might giveThis is the principle of Roman religious ideologyHousehold worshipoIn a family the people venerate their ancestorsMasks of the ancestors If someone dies the masks are carried or worn in a processionoThe Temple of Jupiter Optimus MaximusSet on the Capitol hill along with Juno and Minerva The temple has three rooms and each god gets a roomCapitoline TemplesThese are set in many cities that the Romans found even if there is no hillThe altar is on the outsidethe god lives inside but the ceremony is public and on the outsideReligious authorityoOffices of the State ReligionFour Major Colleges of PriestsPontifices
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