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COMM 292
Perry Atwal

EOSC 114 MIDTERM 2 Last Name, First Name: _____________________________ 2010 Fall - Term 1 Student Number: ____________________ Instructions: Closed book. No calculator. Indicate all your answers on the Scantron sheet. Only the Scantron sheet will be marked, but turn in both the Scantron (answer) sheet and this question packet. Put your name and student number on both the Scantron sheet and the question packet. There is only one best answer to each question. Don’t leave any questions unanswered (if you don’t know the answer, then guess). Good luck! This is “Test Form” (A). Please indicate (A) in the “Test Form” column on your Scantron sheet. 1. The main factor affecting a magma’s viscosity is A) exsolved gas content B) silica content C) heavy metals content D) dissolved gas content E) oxygen content 2. Which statement is TRUE? A) Strombolian eruptions typically erupt a greater total volume than Plinian eruptions B) Hawaiian eruptions often measure 3-4 on the VEI scale C) The VEI scale measures the viscosity of erupted magma D) Volcanoes in subduction zones often produce eruptions measuring 5-6 on the VEI scale E) Stratovolcanoes erupt explosively because gas bubbles escape easily from the associated magma 3. Removed due to content changeolling whether a specific intermediate composition magma will erupt explosively or will erupt as a lava dome? A) Magma temperature B) Magma viscosity C) Slope of the volcano D) Magma gas content E) Magma silica content 4. Removed due to content change A) occur at hot spots B) erupt only mafic magma C) always erupt explosively D) occur at divergent margins E) are related to subduction 5. Removed due to content change A) produces the hottest type of magma B) often results in the generation of pyroclastic flows C) rarely produces lava flows D) produces the most viscous type of magma E) does not produce lahars 6. Which of these statements is FALSE regarding cinder cones? A) Cinder cones are composed of pyroclastic material B) The construction of cinder cones usually occurs during a single eruption C) Cinder cones erupt intermediate composition magma D) The slopes o f cinder cones are usually steeper than those of shield volcanoes E) Cinder cones can occur on the slopes of shield volcanoes 7. How many eruptions of VEI 5 would have to occur in order to accumulate the same volume of erupted material as one eruption of VEI 8? A) 10 B) 100 C) 1,000 D) 10,000 E) 100,000 8. Which of the following hazards does NOT occur at shield volcanoes? A) Lahars B) Pyroclastic flows C) Lava flows D) Volcanic bombs E) Fire fountaining 9. The greatest number of fatalities from pyroclastic ash fall usually result from A) people inhaling ash B) people being buried C) damage to aircraft engines D) roofs collapsing E) accidents due to reduced visibility 10. You live in a town situated in a valley and 60km from an active stratovolcano. Your friend lives in a village situated on a hill and 10km from the same volcano. Both your town and your friend’s village are situated downwind of the volcano. Which statement is TRUE? A) The hazard from pyroclastic flows is greater in your town than in your friend’s village B) The hazard from pyroclastic ash fall is smaller in your friend’s village than in your town C) The hazard from toxic gases is greater in your town than in your friend’s village D) The hazard from lava flows is smaller in your friend’s village than in your town E) The hazard from lahars is gre ater in your town than in your friend’s village 11. The most appropriate technique to monitor a sleeping volcano in a remote, uninhabited area of British Columbia is: A) Regular sampling of volcanic gases B) Monitoring seismicity in the area C) Measuring the change in slope of the volcano D) Monitoring for a thermal pulse in the area E) Measuring vertical and lateral topography changes 12. Fill in the blanks in the following sentence: Mount Baker is a _______________ that erupts _______________ composition magma and is located at a _______________ margin. A) stratovolcano, intermediate, convergent B) shield volcano, intermediate, convergent C) stratovolcano, basaltic, convergent D) shield volcano, basaltic, divergent E) stratovolcano, felsic, divergent 13. COSPEC and FTIR instruments A) are used to map volcanic deposits from past eruptions B) record pre-eruption seismicity C) record volcano deformation D) measure the concentration of volcanic gases E) are used to track the movement of volcanic ash clouds 14. Pre-eruption seismicity is caused by A) tectonic plates shifting B) the volcano deflating C) rocks cracking D) felsic rocks melting E) mantle rocks melting 15. An eruption from Mount Baker could produce the following hazards to British Columbia A) Lava flows and volcanic ash B) Lava flows and lahars C) Pyroclastic flows and lahars D) Volcanic ash and pyroclastic flows E) Lahars and volca
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