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University of British Columbia
COMM 292

1Organizational BehaviourFull Course Notes PackageWinter 2007OB FINAL NOTES2Chapter 1What is Organizational BehaviourOB FINAL NOTES3OB Session 1 NotesWhat is Organizational BehaviourBehaviour of individuals within organizationsA field of study that investigates the impact that individuals groups and structure have on behaviour within organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organizations effectivenessWhy Do You Study OBTo learn about yourself and how to deal with othersYou are part of an organization now and will continue to be a part of various organizationsOrganizations are increasingly expecting individuals to be able to work in teams and to collaborate effectively with colleaguesSome of you may want to be managers or entrepreneursMaking Sense of BehaviourMany common beliefs about people and organizations are incorrectOB helps to gain a more accurate understandingKnowledge of OB helps to make sense of others and own behaviourKnowledge of OB helps to make things more predictableOB can help you to make senseCommon BeliefsHighly cohesive groups are also highly productive F A L S EWomen are more intuitive than men F A L S EAfter you learn something you forget more of it in the next few hours than in the next several days T R U EIn small doses alcohol facilitates learning F A L S EChallenges of the Canadian WorkplaceProductivityManagingPlanningCoordinatingOB FINAL NOTES
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