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COMM 292

Affective conflict Conflict that is emotional Conflict Demandand aimed at a person rather than an issue Tends to be dysfunctional conflict Conflict must be perceived by the parties to it Cognitive conflict led to better decisions No awareness of conflicts means conflict more acceptances of decisions and does not exist ownership of decisions Conflict involves opposition or incompatibility Conflict can lead to stress and some form of interaction between parties Conflict A process that begins when one Sources of Conflictparty perceives that another party has Conditions that can give rise to conflict 1 negatively affected or is about to negatively Communication 2 Structure and 3 Personal affect something that the first party cares variables aboutCommunicationThe definition is broad describes point when an interaction crosses over to become an Communication source of conflict through interparty conflict semantic difficulties misunderstandings and Encompasses wide range of conflicts noise in communication channels experienced in groups and organizationsPotential conflict increase when there is little Incompatibility of goals differences over or too much communication Increase in interpretations of facts disagreements based communication functional to a point but can on behavioural expectations etc increase potential conflict Covers subtle forms of disagreement to overt Structureviolent acts Conflict bw two people can be structural bc of requirements of the job or workplace moreFunctional vs Dysfunctional than personality ConflictNot uncommon for sales department to be in Some conflict supports the goals of the group conflict with production department if sales and improves performance sees products will be delivered late to customers Functional conflict Conflict that supports the goals of the group and improves its Variables size of group degree of performance specialization in tasks assigned to group members composition of group jurisdictional Dysfunctional conflict Conflict that hinders clarity reward systems leadership style goal group performance compatibility and degree of dependence The criterion that differentiates functional from between groups dysfunctional is group performance Size specialization composition group act If group cant accomplish goal then it is as force to stimulate conflict Larger the group dysfunctional and more specialized increase chance of
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