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EprocurementElectronic automation of spending process of firmcovers all stages of purchasingIdentification of requirement Create purchase orders Purchase Receiving Feedback Bidvendorpayment management App used to buy goodsservices from suppliers simple to negotiate online while tracking procurement processPROS Costsaving Entire spending process automatedefficient Time saving Easy to use All trans std Min training Lower transcostprices Accountability transparency prevent unwantedunethical spend multiple ppl across multiple depts purchase on single system that u have admin rights over allows focus on worthwhile partners and contracts wellmanaged system reduces inventory levelsCONSTechnical require user tech knowledge and experience Access limitationsconnectionnetworkproblems eg dialupdata loss of potential customer request sent by customer reaches later or neverlossofrevenuetrustCONSNonTechnical Customer Dissatisf no inst services shipment interrupt Customer care weakSlow response lack of personalization Privacysecurity issues Resistance from employeesOvercome CONS Train end users min needed review their reactionsideas for implementation Upgrade to more reliable connectionsnetworksLessonsLearnedSyssoftware system for to Collect Verify Store Distribute Reuse LLs knowl gained by exper 5 elements Collectionof LL Repositorystores LLsmakes them availabele to entire sys Transfer Processmove knowl to target areas Implemnt Analysis and Data Mininganalyze lots LLsidentif unobvious insights trends gaps in knowlPROS easy to use training thru experience reduce risk improve efficiencyget info right away improve performance in ongoing and future projcts probs may closelyexactly match the similar or different contexts gates will stop projct going forward if qual control is not metCONS takes too long to find relevant lessons takes too long to review lessons in databases repetition of some LLs dishonest responses to what really workeddidnt work little evidence that lessons are being used for future success Resistance from employeesOvercome CONS Employ Googletype database easytofind Categorize LLs by project desired outcome or a specific step in a process Allow LLs to be captured when they occur rather than end of project when memories weakthere are other priorities Encourage honest attitude towards LLs Make LLs part of culture both capturingapplying increase prob that best learnings will surface in actions on next project Someone make sure recordingapplication is done Consequences for not using LLs Train end users review their reactionsideas for implementationContext aware computingcollecting info about enduser to improve quality of interaction sense the environment and adapt accordinglyWill use location presence social attributes other envirol info to anticipate end users immediate needs offering moresophisticated situationaware and usable functionsPROS Help to improve business processes cheap attract and retain new customers improve workforce effectiveness create new products and services expand into new markets and geographies and current customer relationships improve the quality of call center interactions improve marketing efforts or increase the efficiency of collaborationCONS trust and privacy issuesImplementation Dont make the application too complexhard to use or too simplelittle benefits Weigh costs of acquiring context info carefully Ensure business benefits are measuredOvercome CONS Phase 1Describing the IndustryCompetitive advantage Primary strategycost leadershipdifferentiation Porters five forces supplierforward integrate high switching cost buyerundifferentiated backwards integration substituteslarge buyer propensity to substitutes low switching cost potential entrants competitorsintensemany equal power slow industry growth so fight for market share lack differentiationswitching costs IT strategic grid Strategic Impact of Existing IT systemsStrategic Impact of IT in DevelopmentfactoryHLairlines supportLLunis turnaroundLHmanufirmsITrd strategicHHbanks Ecommerce vs Ebiz Business model productcomadvmkting strategyorg developmentmgmtteam Value proposition Revenue model types Advertising Google Adwords SubscriptionWall Street Journal WSJcom TransactionFeeeBay SalesAmazon Gapcom AffiliatereferralmypointscomPhase 2Analyzing a businessValue chain model primary activitiesinboundlogisticsoperationsoutboundlogisticsmarketingsalescustomerservicesupport activitiesprocurementofresources techdevelopmentHRMadminmgmtacctngfinance must excel in at least 1 area Supply chain upstream internal downstream SC SCMcomponents inboundoutbound logisticsinventorymgmtdemandsupplyplanningproductionplanning objectives reduct cost assure availability problems info lag lead times delay conflicting obj bw suppliers and buyers how IT improves SCM gathering info sharing info use infoforecastdemandmaterialsgoodsflowinventorylvlsproductioncapacityshipmentstatusPhase 3Information needsData vs Info Database Timely Quality Relevant info Primary keyuniquelyidentifieseachrecordcustomerIDcompositeconsistsofmorethan1fieldatomic1fieldForeign keyrefprimarykeyofothertableEntityIntegrityConstraintsuniquevaluenonullprimarykeyReferentialintegrityforeigncanbenullmatchprimaryinlinkedtable CRM drivers mass mktingTarget mkting1to1 mkting objectives acquire new customers retain right existing ones grow relationship w them Operational CRM direct customer contact occurs inboundoutbound touchpoints egloyalty kiosks smart shelf Analytical CRM Relies on data warehousing techs and biz intelligence to gleam insights egDatamining marketing initiativescrosssellingupsellingcustomerretentioncustomerprofitabilitylifetimevaluechanneloptimizationrightmsgtimecust behaviourpredictionlikelybuynextPhase 4Information SystemsIS lvlsstrategic mgmt operational TPS record routine transactions critical to operations eg Payroll billing reservation sys MIS use data from operational database TPS for decisionmaking produce std summary reports fixedscheduleegdaily eg Inventory control sys sales mgmt sys DSS DecisionSupportSys computerized support to the decision making process anticipatefuture oftenusepastinfo eg Investment portfolio analysis demand forecasting financial planning EIS ExecutiveSupportSys support highlvl decision maker provides flexible delivery of info to senior execsdifferencefromDSS eg Summaries trends projectionsDSSEISflexibleinteractiveondemand sourceTPSMISexternaldatawarehouse Data warehouse logical collection of info from operationdatabsesexternal to make decisions immediat
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