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ContextAware Computing concept of leveraging information about the end user to improve the quality of the interaction Advantage improving business processes reducing enterprise costs attractingretaining new customers improving workforce effectiveness expanding current customer relationships Improve business processes such as sales inventory scheduling and purchasing by tailoring the way an application presents information to customers and employees formulating suggestionsautomating some parts of the decisionmaking processLesson Learned System to preserve individual knowledge and transform it to an organizational knowledge Process Collection verify store disseminate reuse Devt tools Apache web server PHP web programming language MySQL database Admin accounts reports Experts addedit categorize LLEprocurement A properly implemented system can connect companies and their business processes directly with suppliers while managing all interactions between them Funct Req Allow users to search through supplier catalogues track and facilitate purchase requisitions create and send purchase order PO to suppliers for fulfillment create and send goods received note to suppliers validates invoices make categorize and organize payments invite and register new suppliers through reverse auction generate report summaries on accounts and transactionsPhase 8 Insourcing IT specialists within your organization develop the system control over the resources required teamcompany goals are the same Outsourcing one org provides a service to another to perform a job Benefits of outsourcing strategic management cost cutting downsizing staff other companies are better at that serviceRisks of outsourcing losing competitive adv less control of IS function reduced benefits after 1 year other org not familiar with the company poachingEthics and law not the same thing Privacy is important info security Attacks target web server communications Hijacking users system viruses user How to get secured st1 Develop the info security policy 2 Communicate the info security policy 3 Identify critical info assetsrisks 4 Testreevaluate ricks1 line of defense 1 People 2 Technology Authenticationauthorization Preventionresistance DetectionresponsePhase 7 Functional Req processie searchinfo oriented Nonfunc operational physicaltechnical performance speed capacity reliability security cultural political legal Phase 6 System Development Life Cycle SDLC Plan Analysis Design Develop Test Implement Maintain Feas Tech what I need the technology to do does the tech exist Econ what are the benefits tangibleintangible savingcosts development vs operation Op how will the users react Will the system be used appropriately by its intended users change the business How we implementPhase 5 Enterprise Resource Planning ERP integrates all departments into a single IT system and displaying enterprise wide info Example connects manufacturing with accounting and HR Looking at the same data at the same time Risks crash messy delays slower costly resistance Ecommerce and the internet 1 Personalization matching of service products and advertising to individual needs 2 Disintermediation 3 Global reach Serviceoriented Architecture Focus on the business services rather than the efficiency of computer systemKnowledge vs Info Knowledge is info that can be acted upon Knowledge management systems Expertise locators Social Knowledge management toolsPhase 4 Decision making StrategicLT obj allocating resources EIS senior mgrs Management Control Monitor per
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