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COMM 410
Perry Atwal

COMMERCE 392MANAGING THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIPREVIEW QUESTIONS 2008 MIDTERMIIntroduction to the Employment Relationship1What is human resources management HRMrefers to the management of people in organizations it consists of the activities policies and practices involved in obtaining developing utilizing evaluating maintaining and retaining the appropriate number and skill mix of employees to accomplish the organizations objectives2Who is responsible for HRMin smaller organizations ownersmanagers may carry out the full range of HRM functions themselves ie Trendys Case in SRPhowever as organizations grow functions become more complexfor large organizations HR in house staff are set up and organized in subdepartments3What are the interestsobjectives of employees and employers in the employment relationshipto maintain harmonious employeeemployer relationsInterests of EmployeesoA fair wage and income securityoJob securityoFair promotion proceduresoReasonable work hours and benefitsoParticipation and controloHealth and safety protectionsoTraining and development opportunitiesInterests of EmployersoCost containmentreduce benefit and wage costsoFlexibility of the workforceoMaximize employee productivityoMaximize efficiency of operations oMaintain and improve quality of productserviceoAttract investmentoMinimize third party eg Legislative intervention4Explain the difference in role of linestaff managersstaff managersHR managersspecialists in HR deptoset policies and standardsmake and circulate recruitment ads decide selection procedure determine standard pay policies develop performance evaluation procedure develop grievance procedure keep employee recordsoadvise line managers on workplace issuesoensure complianceoauthority is derived from specialized knowledgeline managersDepartmentSectionFactory managersoimplement policiesconduct selection interview decide to whom to make an offer negotiate and decide how much to pay each employee within the standard set by the HR staff conduct performance evaluationperformance evaluation interview apply disciplineoeg Determine who to hire conduct performance evaluation exercise disciplineodirection and control of employees5What environmental conditionsdevelopments affect HRMInternal factorsoOrganizational culture and climate oOrganization structureflat vs hierarchicaloEmerging management practicesemployee empowermentExternal FactorsoLabour marketeconomic condition industry trends labour unionsoDemographic trendsage education ethnic diversity etcoTechnologytechnologic advanceoGovernment Legislationemployment standards labour relations workplace health etcoGlobalization6Explain the key employment trends affecting HRMshift from manufacturing to service oapprox 75 of jobs in Canada are in the service sectormost service sector jobs demand knowledge workers workers who transform info into product or serviceCanadas ability to compete in international markets depends on an increase in new ideas products and productivityThe foundation of the modern business is not capital or technology it is knowledge and education human capitalThereforerise in need for knowledge workershuman resources as a source of sustained competitive advantageorare valuable imitable unsubstitutable maintaininga competitive advantage means moving HRM to the center of the strategic planning process7What is knowledge worker and why is this type of worker so critical to the success of businesses in Canadaa knowledge worker is a worker who transforms info into a product or service whose responsibilities include planning problem solving and decision makingmany experts believe that the distinguishing characteristic of companies today and tomorrow is this growing emphasis on human capitaljobs today in all sectors demand a level of expertise far beyond that required of most workers 20 or 30 years ago which means that human capital is quickly replacing machines as the basis for most firms success8How can HRM practices contribute to an organizational effort to gain a sustained competitive advantage1Providing employment securityoimprove employee trust2Strategic hiring practicesoRecruitment generating a large applicant pooloSelection based on critical skills and knowledgeoEmphasize the skills and knowledge that are difficult to train3Utilization of selfmanaged teams and Decentralizationowith more responsibility there is higher motivation and greater productivity increasesocosts lowered as management overhead is reduced4Winning compensation strategies Comparatively high compensation contingent on organizational performanceoCompetitive pay packageattraction retention and motivationohigh compensation higher than marketcompetitorsopay for performance5Extensive Trainingoimprove employee skill and knowledgeoproductivity gain6Reduction of status differences between managers and line workersMethods oSymbolicallyuse of language physical environmentoSubstantive meansreducing wage inequality7Sharing Informationosharing key information such as financial performance business plans etcnot that easya 18 chance 3 o will buy this modelo will make a comprehensive changeseven practices as a packageo can be persistent
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