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University of British Columbia
COMM 410

PreMidterm HR NotesCLASS 1INTRO3 Major Contexts for Employment Relationship1Employment Relations Law2Collective Bargaining and Trade Unions3Human Resources ManagementWhy is the course importantEffective HRMHigher ROIImportant to understand your legal rights as managersemployeesNeed to be aware of impact onoEmployment lawsoTrade unionsoCollective bargainingFactors Influencing HRMInternalOrganizational culturecore beliefs values assumptions shared by members of organizationOrganizational climateprevailing atmosphereimpact on employeesExternalLabour Market Issueseconomic conditions labour force productivity levels growth of service sector human capital knowledge education training skills and expertise labour union movement part time employees unemployment rateDemographic Trends population growth immigration age baby boomersWorkplace Diversityvisible and ethnic minorities immigration women growing force in labour market aboriginals difficulty trainingkeeping jobs persons with disabilities accessibility issuesTechnologyincrease in technicalprofessional jobs decrease in blue collar labour force training cant keep up privacy and ethical issuesGovernment Legislationensure policies and practices comply with laws human rights pay equityemployment equity occupational health and safety government sponsored benefit plans multiple jurisdictionsGlobalization tendency for firms to extend business operations abroad one world economy increased international competition multinational corporationsSAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONSExplain how internal and external environmental conditions affect HRM within a firm Differentiate between internal and externalExplain how HRM can contribute to the success of a companyTrends in EmploymentManufacturing 25Service 75Foundation of modern business is not capital or technology its knowledge and education human capitalWhat does it mean for HRMRise in need for knowledgeable workers Source of competitive advantageoAcquire and develop high quality HRoEncourages the high quality HR to use their knowledge and skills
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