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University of British Columbia
Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 112
Sara Harris

EOSC 112Radiation Balance 3SunEarths Temperature 3Effects on Radiation 4 Changes in Temperature 5Summary 6Atmosphere 6Earths Features 6 NonRotating EarthNo Continents 7 Rotating EarthNo Continents 8 Relevance of Continents 8Pressure 9Winds 9 Monsoons 10 Hydrosphere 11 Heat Transfer 11Ekman Transport 11Effects in Regions 13Density 14 Controls on Temperature 15Controls on Salinity 15 Ocean Circulation 16Lithosphere 17Structure of the Earth 17 Continental Drift 18Plate Boundaries 19Heat 19Wilson Cycle 19Biosphere 20 The Linnaean Classification System 20 Ecosystems 21Food Chains 21 Productivity 23Nutrients 251Greenhouse Gasses 26The Carbon Cycle 27Reservoirs 27Cycles 28Feedback 29Changes in Solar Radiation 30 LongTerm 30 The Faint Young Sun Paradox 31 ShortTerm 31 Changes in Albedo 31 Cloud Cover and Type 32 Cryosphere 32 Precipitation PatternsLand Cover 33 Tectonics 33Long Term Climate Evolution 34 Huronian Glaciation 34 Snowball Earth 35 PermoCarboniferous Glaciation 36 Pleistocene Glaciations 36LongTerm Causes37Pleistocene Ice Ages 38Features 38Evidence 39Causes 39Milankovich Cycles40Causes and Effects 41 Modern Climate Changes 42Small Climatic Variations 43Human Influences 44Evidence 45Future Cases 462Radiation Balance Power WEnergyTimeamount of energy that is emitted absorbed or reected per unit of time Wavelengths Distance from troth to troth or crest to crest wTFrequency The number of crests that passes a xes pointWiens Law As temperature increases the wavelength decreasesEarths average temperature is 15and a human is around 30 Peak wavelength of radiation occur for a human is just to the left of Earths peak on the emissions spectra SunEarths Temperature1 Suns peak wavelength is 05 m wconstant2897mK 2 Suns T5794K 2 Earths peak wavelength is 114 mUsing Weins law againEarths T2541K18 Celsius Eective Radiating Temp Suns radius700000000 meters182Suns Surface Area616x10 m 9EarthSun Distance15010 m Temperature of the sun6000K 3 Energy emitted by the sun635 mil Wmthis is only per meter squared emitted 4To nd total energy from sun we need its SASA sphere4r2Energy emitted Total391E26 Watts 3
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