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EOSC 114 Module 1 - Fragile Systems Practice Quiz 1.docx

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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114
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PQ1 Fragile Systems 1. An object behaves elastically under strain if it_____. Correct Student Response Value Answer A.deforms easily and takes on a new shape after the strain is removed B. deforms easily and springs back to its original shape after the strain is removed C. is difficult to tear but easy to cut with scissors or a knife D.breaks easily when at a cool temperature, but flows under high temperatures. E.resists deformation and releases heat when the strain is removed Score: 0/1 2. The top layer of the earth is called the_______. Student Response Value Correct Answer A.mesosphere B. asthenosphere C. mantle D.core E.crust Score: 0/1 3. Which component of the Earth system is the most fragile and vulnerable to natural disasters? Correct Student Response Value Answer A.human populat
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