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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114
Leah May Ver

Ch2 Learning Goals1 Describe the globalEarthquakes occur where tectonic plates are either colliding or distribution of earthquakes moving apart and how often quakes ofPredictable locations various magnitudes occur 2 Understand the different Convergent Type 1 boundary largest earthquakessubduction types of faulting at different zone between oceanic and continental crust or oceanicoceanic plate boundaries and which reverse faults plate boundaries produce the Convergent Type 2 boundary smalllarge quakes crumbling largest earthquakesplates neither subducting or plunging between continentcontinent reverse faults Divergent small moving apart tensionstretching occurs at midocean ridges or spreading centers normal dipslip faults Transform moderatelarge shearing strikeslip faultsFault region where rocks have broken over some area A Dipslip faults vertical motion along a slanting plane 1 Reverse faults side leaning on its neighbor moves up and is caused by compression stress 2 Normal faults side leaning on its neighbor moves down and is caused by tension stress B Strikeslip faults horizontal motion 2 types depending on which side appears coming towards you and is caused by transverse shear stress C Oblique faults motion that is a combination of vertical and horizontal3 Describe how the Earth Elastic Rebound Theory says that when two locked plates builds stores and releases which are bound under stress pressure will build up causing energy in earthquakes elastic strain If the pressure continues this will eventually result elastic reboundin brittle deformation causing movement and a release of the stored energy This is called an earthquake4 Understand concepts of 1 Strain deformation how materials change shape as a result of stress causing strain and 2 the stresses involved plastic versus brittle Elastic deformation balldeformation Small forcesShapes restored when force removedEnergy passes as waves Plastic deformation puttyMaterials change shape permanentlyNo storage of energy Brittle deformation wooden stickMaterials stores energy it accumulates stressToo much stress causes material to breakCatastrophic release of energy sound heat motion In rocks faults seismic waves Stress force force per unit area Compressional forces those that cause squeezingTensional forces those that cause a puling apart of material Shear forces those that cause twisting or shearing
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