EOSC 114 Notes for Exam - Landslides

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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114
Leah May Ver

EOSC 114: Landslides Learning Goals 1. Explain how the socioeconomic impact of Impact depends on vulnerability to landslides: landslides depends on the type and -high population density (close to mountains) characteristics of the landslide hazard. -use of land (crops, agriculture destroyed?) -rapid land-use change (mining, blasts) -global warming (change weather patterns) 2. Distinguish between the different modes of Fall: drop vertically, gravity failure (falls, flows, slides, topples, and Flow: mess of soil, rock etc. flowing down spreads) and how they are influenced by slope (not as coherent mass) geology. a) Creepflow that moves very slowly b) Debris flowrapid flow of saturated debris, travel in narrow gorge and fan out at bottom—common in BC b/c rain c) Debris avalanche rapid flow of semi- fully saturated debris, not contained to channel (spreads out) Slides: a) Rotational soil/rocks slides down curved surface b)Translationalstrong blocks of rock move down faulted plane (flat angle) Topples: falling of solid, coherent blocks that rotate around a point in the air Spreads: (lateral)spread of soil, rock, usually b/c of liquefaction 3. Define the chief components of landslide risk. 4. Compare and contrast landslide causes Causes: build up to the landslide Trigger: causes the landslide to actually and how they differ from landslide triggers. happen -Earthquake -Volcano -Precipitation -Anthropogenic activities 5. Assess the balance between the strength of Factor of Safety (F S = = the slope and the destabilizing forces due to So when F >1S slope is stable. F <1S erosion, vegetation, precipitation, and unstable. anthropogenic activity that are acting on it (Factor of Safety). Erosion: decrease strength or increase stress Vegetation: help stabilize, increase strength Precipitation: decreases stability, filling between particles and allowing flow; can be variable depending on season, ie. heavy rainfall tr
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