EOSC 114 Storms

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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114
Leah May Ver

Be wary of the main storm hazards o How far away is lightning o Sound travels slower than lightCount the number of seconds between when you see and when you hearDivide by 3estimates range in km to the lightning o 3030 rule if 30 seconds or less between when you see flash and when you hear bang stay indoors for 30 minutes after last lightning or thunder o If stuck outdoors avoid small structures huts rain shelters nearby metal trees water open fields hill tops etcDescribe the different types of lightning how they form and what happens when they strike something o Cloud to Ground LighningTo make a spark in air you need 3 billion voltskm Therefore lightning from the anvil has more volts since it travels furtherCG lightning can beor Negative strokes are more commoncome from basePositive strokes come from anvil stronger primary cause of natural wildfires1025 of Canadian CG lightning is positiveRecognize thunderstorms be able to identify Tstorm components and and explain how they evolve o Tstorms are thick clouds with lightningthunder o Strom updraftsovershoot above anvil o Anvil can be 100 kms in diameter o Main updraft stem is 15 km in diameter o Storm energy comes from temp and humidity o Cumulonimbus are made of large cells that evolve during 1530 mintuesMost contain two or more cellsmulticell storms o Sometimes a very large rotating singlecell storm formssupercell Tstorm Can cause tornadoes hail lightning wind rainLow ppt classical high ppt
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