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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 118
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Quiz #1- Person 1 1. Historically, which country has produced the most gold annually? South Africa 2. What percent of mined diamonds is used as gemstones? 20% 3. Subduction zones are... Tectonic boundaries where one plate moves beneath another 4. What is true about chemical formulas for minerals? Use element abbreviations; contain abundant info; composed of only elements; systematically decoded 5. Tiffany & Co. is… Luxury brand founded in New York 6. Recent consumer trends in jewellery industry include… Conflict-free jewellery 7. Which of the following describe a mineral by definition? Crystalline; naturally occurring; definite chemical composition; not lab grown 8. The GIAstands for… Gemological Institute of America 9. Trace elements are not more abundant than minor elements. 10. The Periodic Table… An organized collection of the known elements from which info can be extracted 11. Gold is not rarer than PGMs. 12. Which famous Colombian emerald was carved in India at the end of 17 century? Mogul Emerald 13. Of the historic diamonds belonging to royal families described in the notes, which one was sold at an auction? Wittlesbach Diamond 14. Which country produces the best quality emeralds? Colombia 15. Which of the following countries have produced historically significant diamonds? India, SouthAfrica, Congo 16. Gems can occur in… Sedimentary; metamorphic, igneous rocks 17. Mid-oceanic ridges form at… Divergent plate boundaries 18. Avolcanic rock… Forms from cooling on the surface of the Earth; is an igneous rock 19. Tectonic plates occur in the… Lithosphere 20. If two minerals have the same colour and luster, what other physical properties can you test without damaging/scratching
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