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University of British Columbia
Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 118

Module ALesson 8 Study Notes IntroductionWhich gemstone is the most significant historically and economically Diamond Most everyone knows about diamonds their value and historical importance and appreciates their physical properties Even with a general understanding of diamond there continues to be wonder mystery and desire associated with these precious stonesExplain the origins of the word diamond The word diamond originates from the Greek word adamao meaning I tame or I subdue Adamao is a root word for the word adamantine Adamao is used to describe great hardness Diamonds are the pinnacle of hardness Adamantine describes lustre like that of a diamond Where were diamonds first mined India In Sanskrit diamond was endowed with the name vajra and the earliest record of this word thdates to the 4 century BC In ancient India diamonds of euhedral shape eg octahedrons were the most valued But the fire its dispersion of light and brilliance of diamonds was also recognized as a valuable featureModel of a Hindu lady illustrating the mode of wearing jewellery in North India This figure appeared in Kunz GF 1915 The Magic of Jewels and Charms with permission from the Journal of Indian Art
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