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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 310
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21 Intro to GeomagnetismExplain that electricity and magnetism are one phenomenonElectricity and magnetism are linked electromagnetism 1 an electric current moving charge generates a magnetic field2 moving a conductor through a magnetic field generates a currentSketch a dipole magnetic field and explain how another dipole like a compass or a free electron would respond within that fieldEarths magnetic field is complexdominant component 90 is a dipole field this means that the field has two polesGeographic North Pole and Magnetic North PoleDipole is currently tilted relative to the rotational axisDefine declination azimuth and inclination dip of a dipole field and relate those terms to the shape of the Earths dipole field at different locations on the planets surfaceDeclination azimuthangle between magnetic north and geographic northInclination dip angle between the magnetic field and horizontalList several reasons that the Earths magnetic field varies over very short seconds to days time scalesA Short Time Scales1 Interactions with the solar wind protons electrons2 Diurnal daily variations1 variations due to solar heating and convectionpredictable ie can model accuratelymoves 80 kmday3 Lightning very rapid local effects4 Human influence eg power lines TRIUMF magnets local effectsB Historical Time Scales
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