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University of British Columbia
ENGL 112
Peter Mahon

Critical Summary Example: In their sociological analysis of television violence, Fiske and Hartley offer the reader a theory of television violence. The authors use Gerbner’s study to identify the key traits associated with violence in television programs: masculinity, logic and efficiency. In Fiske and Hartley’s theory, television violence, which differs from real violence, is seen as neither good nor bad because it is impersonal, meaning it reflects social values and the tensions between different social groups. Television violence, they argue, is interpreted by viewers according to prevailing social values; since efficiency is a valued social concept, viewers interpret efficiently performed violence as the attractive, successful and virtuous product of socially esteemed groups. When television violence is performed inefficiently, Fiske and Hartley’s theory suggests that viewers interpret it as the product of socially deviant groups. Fiske and Hartley’s analysis of television violence, although somewhat dated, is still relevant for understanding how violence works in North American television programs because such programs are still produced in a capitalist culture that values efficiency, youth and masculinity. - creates meaning, displays his/her readers/viewers' critical & creative insight (AW 95 - 102) - offer proof (demonstrate abstract with concrete -- explain concepts of worn in specific phenomenon) (offer interpretation & analysis) Critical Frame - indispensable part of critical summary - relevant to essay 1. Introduces a source openly and directly reporting expressions 2. Indicates where one author cites ex. "Calhoun cites Smith's study of African women to support her contention that..." 3. Characterizes the kind of evidence a writer uses & states what its main findings are "Calhouns' s
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