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Recognizing Logical FallaciesOctober 15 2012October 17 2012Logical Fallaciesfaulty reasoning failure to provide sufficient evidence for a claim that is being madeTips for finding fallacies1Pretend you disagree with the conclusion youre defending What parts of the argument would now seem weakproblematic What parts seem easiest to attack2List your main points under each one list the evidence you have for it Seeing claims and evidence laid out this way make you realize you have no good evidence for a particular claim3Be aware that broad claims need more proof than narrow ones Claims that use sweeping words like all no none every always never no one everyone historically universally etc require a lot of evidence Instead use words like some many few sometimes etcFalse Dichotomy eitherorDefinition Suggests that there are only two choices in a complex situation Rarely if ever is this the caseExample Either we increase corporate taxes or else individuals will have to pay higher taxesTip Examine your own arguments If youre saying that we have to choose between just two options is that really sooOr are there other altern
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