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EOSC 114 Study Guide - Final Guide: Natural Disaster, Scantron Corporation, YottabyteExam

Earth and Ocean Sciences
Course Code
EOSC 114
Study Guide

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T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F B R I T I S H C O L U M B I A | V A N C O U V E R !
Course name:
Candidate information
Candidate name
Student number
Candidate signature
Rules governing formal examinations
1. Each candidate must be prepared to produce, upon request, a UBCcard for identification;
2. Candidates are not permitted to ask questions of the invigilators, except in cases of supposed errors or
ambiguities in examination questions;
3. No candidate shall be permitted to enter the examination room after the expiration of one-half hour
from the scheduled starting time, or to leave during the first half hour of the examination;
4. Candidates suspected of any of the following, or similar, dishonest practices shall be immediately
dismissed from the examination and shall be liable to disciplinary action:
Having at the place of writing any books, papers or memoranda, calculators,
computers, sound or image players/recorders/transmitters (including
telephones), or other memory aid devices, other than those authorized by the
Speaking or communicating with other candidates;
Purposely exposing written papers to the view of other candidates or imaging
devices. The plea of accident or forgetfulness shall not be received.
5. Candidates must not destroy or mutilate any examination material; must hand in all examination
papers; and must not take any examination material from the examination room without permission of
the invigilator.
6. Candidates must follow any additional examination rules or directions communicated by the
instructor or invigilator.
This is “Test Form” (A). Please indicate (A) in the
“Test Form” column on your Scantron sheet.
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1. In the diagram to the right, which of the labels correctly
identifies a thunderstorm component?
A) anvil cloud
B) mammatus cloud
C) wall cloud
D) flanking line
E) tornado funnel
2. Supercell thunderstorms are characterized by
A) an exceptionally large number of cells in different stages of their life cycles
B) a very short life span, which concentrates the destructiveness, thereby increasing its intensity
C) mammatus clouds, which are a clue to the strong intensity of the storm
D) rotation of the whole thunderstorm, as can be seen by eye
E) a mesocyclone
3. Which hazard is denoted by the number 4 on the volcanic hazard map shown to the right?
A) Volcanic bombs
B) Lava flows
C) Pyroclastic flows
D) Lahars
E) Volcanic ash
4. Most lahars fall into which category of mass
A) Falls
B) Slides
C) Flows
D) Spreads
E) Lahars are not landslides because they are
a volcanic process.
5. Which phrase will make this statement
TRUE? To forecast tsunamis, the DART buoy
system measures ____. A) pressure changes
B) thermal expansion C) gravitational forces
D) current direction
E) wind strength and speed
6. Which statement is TRUE?
A) Lahars are hotter than pyroclastic flows
B) Pyroclastic flows travel faster than lahars
C) Pyroclastic flows can travel greater distances than lahars
D) Lahars only occur at snow-capped volcanoes.
E) Lahars and pyroclastic flows usually occur during cinder cone eruptions.
7. Asteroids are ____.
A) primarily composed of ice
B) generally found in the Oort cloud C) composed of sedimentary rocks
D) generally found inside the orbit of Jupiter
E) all composed of objects larger than Jupiter

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8. Which phrase will make this statement TRUE? After a groin is installed, the coastline will ____.
A) not change
B) accrete (deposit) on both sides of the groin
C) erode on both sides of the groin
D) accrete (deposit) on the up-current (up-drift) side, and erode on the down-current (down-drift) side E) erode on
the up-current side, and erode on the down-current side
9. Which phrase will make this statement TRUE? The west coast of Vancouver Island is exposed to ____. A) large,
wind-driven waves
B) tsunami
C) rogue waves
D) surf
E) all of the above
10. The modified Mercalli scale indicates ____.
A) the magnitude of an earthquake
B) the amount of energy released by an earthquake
C) the intensity of an earthquake
D) the amount of the slip on a fault
E) the magnitude and the intensity of an earthquake
11. What characteristics of hurricanes are NOT also associated with individual thunderstorms?
A) updrafts
B) chance of tornadoes
C) anvil clouds
D) heavy rain showers
E) storm surges
12. What is thought to be the source of the sulfur dioxide that was released into the atmosphere following the impact
at Chicxulub?
A) vaporized comet
B) burning dinosaurs
C) combining elements in the atmosphere after the initial blast
D) limestones
E) evaporites
13. Concerning the Cretaceous-Tertiary (K/T) extinction, which of the following was a probable contributory factor?
A) Volcanism in Siberia
B) Impact in Siberia
C) The formation of the supercontinent Pangea
D) Volcanism in India
E) Glaciation
14. Which of the following would be about the same size as the object that impacted the Earth at the end of the
A) The North American continent
B) UBC campus
C) Mount Everest
D) The 99 B-line bus
E) British Columbia
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