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University of British Columbia
Family Studies
FMST 210
Maria Weatherby

Chapter 11 Independent QuestionsC Sexual Minority Youthpp 315316 i Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Adolescents 1 a How do patterns of sexual orientation change from childhood to adolescence to adulthood See first and four paragraphs of this section b Summarize the information presented in your textbook about possible causes of a homosexual or bisexual orientation92 identify themselves as exclusively heterosexual in sexual orientation a persons preference for same or oppositesex partners About 7 of teens report that they are still unsure of their sexual orientation and 1 say that they classify themselves as exclusively gay exclusively lesbian or bisexual By adulthood 94 of teens report being exclusively heterosexual and just over 5 describe themselves as gay lesbian or bisexual leaving only a very small proportion who are still undecided as to their sexual orientation Lay people and researchers alike have wondered what causes some people to develop a gay lesbian or bisexual orientation Several twin studies show that when one identical twin is homosexual the probability that the other twin will also be homosexual is 50 to 60 whereas the concordance rate is only about 20 for fraternal twins and only about 11 for pairs of biologically unrelated boys adopted into the same family Dawood Pillard Horvath RevelleBailey 2000 Kendler Thornton GilmanKessler 2000 Family studies also suggest that male homosexuality runs in familiesthat is the families of most gay men have a higher proportion of homosexual males than do the families of heterosexual men Bailey et al 1999 Such findings strengthen the hypothesis that homosexuality has a biological basis Dawood et al
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