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Family Studies
FMST 210
Maria Weatherby

Chapter 7 Physical Cognitive and Language Skills of Early Childhood Research Report Unintentional Injuries in Canadian Preschoolers p 1801 In comparison to infancy there is an increased chance of injuries or accidents in early childhood Imagine that you have been hired to prepare an educational website for Canadian parents to attempt to reduce injuries and accidents in early childhood Based on the research presented in the Research Report p 180 you decide to organize the website as followsa Parental factors that are relevant and irrelevant to reducing injuries for all preschoolers See paragraphs one two and seven The best way to prevent injuries is being within easy reach so you can stop them before they hurt themselves The rules are irrelevant knowledge of safety rules is irrelevantb Why accidents from burns cuts and falls may be more frequent than accidents from drowning poisoning suffocation strangulation and choking See paragraph five Mothers considered burns cuts and falls less severe than injuries caused by such accidents as drowning poisoning and suffocationstrangulationchoking M
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