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Maria Weatherby

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Chapter 5Independent QuestionsI Cognitive Changes Development in the Real World What do babies really learn from watching television p 1251 a In 1995 Wendy Josephson conducted a research review metaanalysis to summarize what was known about the effects of television viewing in infancy see second paragraph Identify i what she found about 3month and 10month old infants and ii why parents should be concerned about what infants watch remainder of second paragraphb Summarize the additional research findings on television viewing presented in the third or final paragraphBy 10 months kids can start imitating what they see which could lead to problems 3 month old infants pay minimal attention to television but by 10 mo they will imitate what they saw on tv and point at familiar characters on shows that they view regularlyParents should be concerned about what infants watch because later tv viewing patterns are becoming established at this age For instance if left unmonitored toddlers prefer to watch fastpaced programs such as cartoons which often have violent contentMany studies have indicated tha
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