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Family Studies
FMST 210
Maria Weatherby

FMST 210 Short Answer Notes Know the coding scheme for Ainsworth Strange situation procedure the diff behaviours across the three events for securely resistantanxiously and avoidantly attached infants to ensure you are able to answer the following questions belowBowlbyinstinctual behaviours such as sucking clinging following crying and smiling serve a survival purpose these instinctual behaviours bring infants and primary attachment figures closer together which protects against predators and other harmful accidents these behaviours ensure that infants will have opportunities to closely observe imitate and practice with guidance the speciesspecific survival behaviours The first goal is to have the infant close to caregivers and then it will give them the ability to observe and replicate adaptive behaviours Bowlby believed that unless infants were born with these powerful instinctual behaviours parental care would not be activated and attachment wouldnt occur as a result He believed that equipping infants with these instinctual and adaptive behaviours which ensure attachment figures are always close was a prerequisite to attachment formation He believed the ability to parent lays dormant and once you hear a baby crying it activates itAn infants instinctual behaviours can be uncontrollably activated by loud noises sudden appearance of a stranger and parental separation these behaviours were more easily activated when the child was experiencing fatigue illness or pain The triggers cause the child to seek proximity to caregiver Bowlby viewed aggression as a response to threatened instinctual drives such as attachment he saw aggression as a response of threatened instinctual drivesneeds Reactive attachment a child who is unable to form an attachment because they didnt form an attachment in their first two years and now they are unable to According to Ainsworth why do infants demonstrate different behaviours across the three events underlying reasons or interactional patterns that must have occurred in the past The Strange SituationSecure type high levels of sensitive responsiveness from parents to infants cues sto 1 event stranger enters use parent as a secure or safe base and continue exploring and playing ndo 2 event caregiver leaves become distressed and proximity seek crawl to the door mom left out of rdo 3 event caregiver returns quickly settles down quickly reassuredAnxiousresistant typeambivalent the child gets mediocre sensitive responsiveness sto 1 event little exploration They proximity seek when the stranger enters the room
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