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University of British Columbia
Family Studies
FMST 210
Maria Weatherby

Chapter 3Independent Questions II Pregnancy and Prenatal DevelopmentA The Mothers Experience1 The mothers experience of pregnancy is divided into 3 equal parts or trimesters i first trimester 012 weeks ii second trimester 1324 weeks iii third trimester 2538 weeks a You need to know the information summarized under the headings Trimester Events and Serious Problems not Prenatal Care in Table 31 p 62 First trimester From first day of last menstrual period LMP to 1 2 weeksEvents Missed period Breast enlargement Abdominal thickeningPrenatal Care Confirmation of pregnancy Calculation of due date Blood and urine tests and other tests if needed Monthly doctor visits to monitor vital functions uterine growth weight gain and sugar and protein in urineSerious Problems Ectopic pregnancy Abnormal urine or blood tests Increased blood pressure Malnutrition Bleeding MiscarriageSecond trimester From12 weeks after LMP to 24 weeks after LMP Weight gain Showing Fetal movements felt Increased appetite Monthly doctor visits continue Ultrasound to measure fetal growth and locate placenta Gestational diabetes Excessive weight gain Increased blood pressure Rh incompatibility of mother and fetus Miscarriage 13 to 20 weeks Premature labour 21weeksThird trimester From 25 weeks after LMP to beginning of labour Weight gain Breast discharge Weekly visits beginning at 32nd week Ultrasound to assess position of fetus if needed Treatment of Rh incompatibility if needed Pelvic exams to check for cervical dilation Increased blood pressure Bleeding Premature labour Bladder infectionb You also need to know the italicized wordsterms only on pp 6163 under the subheadings First Trimester Second Trimester and Third Trimesterst1 trimester Pregnancy begins when the zygote implants itself in the lining of the womans uterus also called the womb The cervix the narrow lower portion of the uterus which extends into the vagina thickens and secretes mucus that serves as a barrier to protect the developing embryo from harmful organisms that might enter the womb through the vagina Another common early symptom of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting in pregnancy NVP more commonly known as morning sicknessfeelings of nausea often accompanied by vomiting that usually occur in the morning in a number of cases a zygote implants in one of the fallopian tubes instead of in the uterus a condition called ectopic pregnancy Early surgical removal of the zygote is critical to the womans future ability to have children About 15 of pregnancies end in miscarriage or spontaneous abortionnd2 trimester Monthly urine tests check for gestational diabetes a kind of diabetes that happens only during pregnancyrd3 trimester the womans breasts may begin to secrete a substance called colostrum in preparation for nursing toxemia of pregnancy during the third trimester is a condition which is signalled by a sudden increase in blood pressure and can cause a pregnant woman to have a stroke
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