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Family Studies
FMST 314
Silvia Bartolic

AttractionloveandrelationshipsLecturenotesBiology and culture has a big influence and attraction is something you dont have any control over as you are born the way you are it cannot be changed Based on how someone looks you make so many judgmentsAfter you meet them and know them as a person and their personality but the primary judgment you make stays there forever Good looking person you meet them but after talking to them you dont find them good looking anymore and other person at first you may have thought their average but when you see them more often you begin so see them as more attractiveCulture historically in western culture female voluptuousness associated with femininity and fertility our culture the pressure it usually on women than menLow body fat low fertility vice versamale muscularity associated with lower classlabourers and farmersif you were white slim and didnt look like a labourers were more attractiveSun tans were considered as low class people because you worked outside Isnt just important just to human for example birdsLonger neck perceived as attractive Smaller feet as femininity In the past darker skin was considered low in intellect this was not true if you have blonde hair and blue eye and white skin you were smarter In Asian cultures people are selling products to make their skin whiter while in the north they are selling things to make their skin darkermore recentlyfemininitysexuality without the ties of motherhood careermore emphasis on carrier and becoming more masculinity and are trying to be harder body and less softmasculinity and affluence associated with strength and muscularity for men bigger bodies are desired Its opposite now women are less curvy and men are more muscular Culture how the markets work globalization and Capitalist forcesWestern beauty ideals are being exportedvanity has a pricevery easy to sell to people markets encourage commodification of appearancecosmetic surgery industry13 billion annually in the US 20 billion in Europe2007 12 million surgeries in the United States alone 2500030 of all surgeries done by people who get paid less then 20000Buch lesbian who are more masculine Fem female lesbian Twinks young men hairless homophobiaBearsabsolutely massive hairy look big and wear leather homophobiathExample in the 18 century not a lot of women shaved but as in the Victorian era came along and women started to wear more revealing cloths therefore the shaving business became huge Culture vs evolutionary theory Men less important than for men women report being more sexually attracted to taller mencorrelated to the preference for males who demonstrate confidence physical strength and a powerful bearingshorter men are viewed as unattractive for both casual and intended longterm relationships although this is not always the case
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