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FMST 316 CH6 ATTRACTION AND LOVEThe example of Candy and Stretch unable to admit to likingdisliking anything that the other may not agree withAttractionHow Important is Looking Good pg162Research shows that physical attractiveness is a key factor in consideration for partners for dates sex and longterm relationshipsResearchers at Queens University discovered men found women walking during their lutealleast fertile phase to be most attractiveCohen and Tanenbaun lesbiansbisexuals agreed with men in that the most attractive women have a 7 waisttohip ratio but unlike men with heavyset women they preferred them to have bigger hipschest suggests they may be rejecting the societal emphasis on excessive slendernessAn experiment showed that men in their most fertile phase found men with deeper voices to be most attractiveHow Nonphysical Traits Affect Perceptions of Physical Attractiveness pg163The perceived beauty of a partner is likely to be enhances by nonphysical traits such as familiarity liking respect sharing of values and goalsRiggio and Woll study men were put off by outgoing self expressive behaviour in womenMen are more likely to be jealous of socially dominant men Women are more likely to be jealous of physically attractive womenWhat Do You Look For in a LongTerm Relationship pg164In long term relationships men find sexual attractiveness more important than women yet in casual sex partners women find sexual attractiveness more important than menAre Attractiveness Preferences Inherited pg167Women tend to marry men similar to themselves in physical attractiveness and socioeconomic standing Who is Right for you pg168
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