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FMST 316

FMST 316 CH7 RELATIONSHIPS INTIMACY AND COMMUNICATIONThe ABCs of Romantic Relationships pg180Romantic relationships like people undergo stages of developmentSocial exchange theory the view that the development of a relationship reflects the unfolding of social exchangesthe rewards and costs of maintaining the relationship as opposed to those of ending itFive stage ABCDE model of romantic relationships1Attraction2Building3Continuation4Deterioration5TerminationMen are more likely than women to go online to meet potential dating partners women are more likely than men to sign up with introduction agenciesExchanging Name Rank and Serial Number pg183Early exchanged are likely to include name occupation marital status and hometownThere is an unspoken rule of reciprocation I tell you my hometown you tell me yours Sex Differences in SelfDisclosure pg186Masculinetyped individuals are less likely to disclose their feelingsFor men there is a direct relationship between sexual disclosure and sexual satisfaction for women disclosing about nonsexual issues seemed to be more important women who could more freely disclose about other aspects of their relationship were more satisfied with their relationship in generalThe least discussedsexual topic is masturbation and sexual thoughts women were divided about revealing their sexual pastSexual Initiation pg187
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