FMST 210 Study Guide - Ectopic Pregnancy, Umbilical Cord, Gestational Diabetes

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20 Nov 2012

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Chapter 3 independent questions: conception, the process of conception (optional reading not on the exams) Events and serious problems (not prenatal care ) in table 3. 1 (p. 62). Serious problems: ectopic pregnancy, abnormal urine/blood tests, increased blood pressure, malnutrition, bleeding, miscarriage. Events: weight gain, showing", fetal movements felt, increased appetite. Serious problems: gestational diabetes, excessive weight gain, increased. Blood pressure, rh incompatibility of mother and fetus, miscarriage 13-20. Increased blood pressure, bleeding, premature labor, bladder infection (b) you also need to know the italicized words/terms only on pp. 61-63 under the subheadings first trimester , second trimester , and third trimester . Pregnancy = physical condition in which a woman"s body is nurturing a developing embryo or fetus. Prenatal development/gestation = process that transforms a zygote into a newborn. Trimesters = 3 periods of 3 months each. Womb = woman"s uterus; where zygote plants itself. Cervix = narrow, lower portion of uterus, extends into vagina.

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